November 2013 – Hello, thank you for visiting our website.  We await the Planning Inspectorate’s announcement of the Preliminary Meeting at which the agenda will be set for the 6 month examination of RWE’s Atlantic Array wind farm application.  Registrations have closed for Interested Parties and Relevant Representations.  You can read the submissions here.  Those who registered now have time to prepare any additional Written Representations and plan for open-floor hearings and/or issue-specific hearings.

Once activity begins again in earnest this website will track developments as they happen.  Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us if you have questions or burning issues to discuss.

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What is the Atlantic Array?

This inappropriately named proposed development is for an inshore wind farm of up to 240 turbines to be sited in the Bristol Channel between Devon, Lundy and South Wales.  The developer, RWE npower renewables, anticipates that the first phase of the farm will become operational before 2020.

The Atlantic Array is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and follows the processes laid down by Government.  Following pre-application public consultation, RWE submitted a planning application to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) in June 2013 for a Development Consent Order.  RWE’s Environmental Statement which supports the application is a substantial and complex body of work, requiring hundreds of hours of reading to understand in depth.

The application was accepted for Examination in July 2013, and Interested Parties are invited to register by 16 September 2013 to take part in the 6-month Examination phase.  Following that, PINS will make recommendations to the Secretary of State who will make the final decision on the application – probably in the second half of 2014.

Why do we object?

The development is in the wrong place using the wrong technology.  It would be an industrial mass larger and higher than the Gower Peninsula, visible from National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales which are already protected for the nation.  Wind power is likely to be superseded by more predictable and efficient technologies, e.g. wave and tidal, within 10 years.

During the pre-application consultation, many deficiencies were discovered in RWE’s proposal.  Rhossili Working Group has examined some of them in detail and is trying to hold RWE to account.  You can see our issues on this website.  Objectors in England and Wales have been challenging RWE on fundamental issues – you can link to some of them from here.

5 Responses to HOME

  1. Jacek Wozniak says:

    Giant wind farms are for sure very good alternative as an green energy source. Why are not they placed in regions of see that are not visited that much as Rhossili Bay ? The United Kingdom is famous for green environment, not touch rural countryside. Natural environment is invaluable. Keep it free as it is ! Do not affect beautiful regions with machinery, industry. Scientists are continuously developing new ways to gain an energy. One of them is a cold fusion generator called e-cat. Check it out ! So think 10 times before government invest vast amount of money on unsightly wind farms. In next 10 years we might have brand new, cheap sources of energy.


  2. Dennis & Sheila Morgan says:

    They must be mad even thinking of putting this in an area of such outstanding natural beauty, it was commented on Countryfile as the most spectacular view he had seen. Do we really have to spoil this and possibly pollute our sea and wildlife with the drilling etc. Surely there must be alternative ways to harness energy that does not result in being an eyesore.

  3. g.hughes says:

    I am horrified . The Gower would be dead to me I would never want to see it again–I would have to move– and what compensation would they give? Ifeelso strongly that I would seriously consider leaving the uk–any country that could destroy such beauty I would not wish to live in. Surely Government have a DUTY to protect our heritage.

  4. As some one in the tourist industry and look out to Devon and Lundy this will be devistating to my business, and any other.
    The Gower is the first area of outstanding natural beauty, this will kill that.
    This will kill any tourism of any kind in this area.
    The sea life will be damaged by this wind farm.
    The life span of a turbine is approximately 10-15 years, so more expense ad it doesn’t even provide much energy either to get a benefit from.
    No to the Atlantic Array.
    We don’t want it……

  5. Tony Rowkands says:

    Energy from the wind is a good idea but you have to think of the impact it has on the environment and the views from areas of outstanding natural beauty(Gower peninsula),this is not a good idea. Having been brought up and lived on the Gower for the past 43 years I do not want to see these wind farms from the Gower.DO NOT DO THIS !!!!!

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